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How to effectively store the material in the concrete mixing station in summer

How to effectively store the material in the concrete mixing station in summer

First of all, should deal with the gluing material, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate storage warehouse, pile and other sunscreen treatment, or in the fine aggregate, coarse material pile on the water spray to cool, to reduce the raw material into the mixer temperature.

Second, the cement into the field after a certain period of time to store cooling. After testing the use of cement into the mixer temperature should not be greater than 40 ℃. Acceptance of powder to implement vehicle inspection. In addition to admission acceptance project, you must test the powder temperature, cement more than 60 ℃, not into the warehouse, can be sprayed through the tank to cool. Mechanism sand and other dry aggregate can be sprayed by the forklift driver uniform cooling.

Then, should always check the cement, blending materials and expansion agents and other powder raw material silo sealed, waterproof, moisture-proof situation, found timely repair of water leakage. Bag of raw materials should be covered with polyethylene plastic cover rain, stacking floor clearance from the ground more than 20cm and moisture isolation. Gravel material drainage should be unimpeded, to prevent water pollution of the aggregate; admixture tank to be tightly closed to prevent leakage into the rain.

Moreover, when the ran manure feed, if found in the vehicle hopper into the water line, you should stop the feed. Forklift material, the ban shovels, to ensure that sand and other aggregate water and grading evenly, in principle, requires 20cm from the ground shovel material

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