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QTZ315 Tower Crane

Model:QTZ315 (7035)


Hook Height:53M

Max. height:301M

Max. hoisting Capacity:16T

Standard Mast Section Size:2.1x2.1x3M

Hoisting Speed:0-120 r/min

Slewing Speed:0-0.7 r/min

Luffing Speed:0-80 m/min

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Introduction of QTZ315 Tower Crane: 

QTZ315 Tower Crane is characterized by horizontal jib frame, trolley travel, slewing self-climbing, novel structure and reliable running. All accessories are adopted from home famous brands and electrical components from international famous brands. “Quality First” is not just a slogan, which has already deeply rooted in UNIQUE people’s soul, besides we will also make all your purchases in unlimited satisfaction with our star-rated after-sales service.

Features of QTZ31.5 Tower Crane:

  1.  With adequate lifting height, large working range and work space.
  2. It can be vertical, horizontal, while transportation, lifting, transportation, loading, unloading operations continuously in the three dimensional space is complete, work efficiency is high.
  3. wide vision of cab, easy to operate.
  4. simple structure, easy maintenance, reliability.

Specifications of QTZ315 Tower Crane:

Model: QTZ315 (7035)


Hook Height: 53M

Max. height: 301M

Max. hoisting Capacity: 16T

Standard Mast Section Size: 2.1x2.1x3M 

Hoisting Speed: 0-120 r/min

Slewing Speed:  0-0.7 r/min

Luffing Speed: 0-80 m/min

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