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JS500 Concrete Mixer

Discharge volume: :500L

Charging volume: :800L

Theoretical capacity: :≥25m3

Aggregate sizes: :≤60/80mm

Working circle: :60s

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Description of JS500 Concrete Mixers: 

JS500-1500 Concrete Mixer developed by our company is widely used by our global users. This machine can be used as a separated mixing machine or used as the supporting machine of the ready mix concrete plant. When matched with batching plant, they can form a simple mixing plant.

Application of JS500 Concrete Mixers: 

This concrete mixer can be used to mix stiff-consistency concrete, semi-stiff-consistency concrete, light weight aggregate concrete and so on.

Features of JS500 Concrete Mixers: 

1. As a miniature double-horizontal-shaft forced type concrete mixer, this concrete mixing machine features short mixing time, good homogeneity and reliable operation. 

2. Shaft tip is sealed by floating-ring, which is reliable and easy to maintain and replace. 

Technical Specification of JS500 Concrete Mixers: 
Model: JS500

Discharge volume: 500L

Charging volume: 800L

Theoretical capacity: ≥25m3

Aggregate sizes: ≤60/80mm

Working circle: 60s

Mixing blade

Speed: 35r/min

Quantity: 2×7

Mixing motor

Model: Y180M-4

Power: 18.5 kw

Lifting motor

Model: YEZ132S-4

Power: 5.5 kw

Pump motor

Model: 50DWB20-8A

Power: 0.75 kw

Weight: 1500kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 3030x2300x2680 mm

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