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                          JZM500 Drum Concrete Mixer

                          Discharge volume:500L

                          Charging volume:800L

                          Capacity:25~30 m3/h

                          Aggregate sizes: ≤70mm

                          Mixing motor:7.5kw

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                          JZM500 Drum Concrete Mixers

                          Descriptions of JZM500 Drum Concrete Mixers: 

                          JZM series mixer is a gravity type of double-conic reversing drum concrete mixer, the drum transit by gear or friction wheel, the drum rotates clockwise during mixing and anti-clockwise during discharging. It is portable and movable. The mixer can mix plasticity and damp half-dry concrete. These mixer services for ordinary construction site, roads, bridge projects and precast plant. 

                          Features of JZM500 Drum Concrete Mixer

                          This mixer is a self-falling and movable concrete mixing machine, discharging with the double wimble rotating reversely. It could be used for mixing plastic and damp-dry rigid concrete. The mixing drum mixes the material by rotating positively, and discharges by rotating reversely. It is adaptable for architectural building site, civil engineer, and bridge project, small and medium concrete plant. You can dig a hole for fixed mix; it can make the hopper orifice level with the ground. By this way, feeding will be more convenient.

                          This machine is an advanced type of mixing machine. It is original in structure with a light weight and beautiful appearance. It can be operated and maintained easily and have a high productivity and good-quality mixing.

                          Technical Parameters of JZM500 Concrete Mixers:
                          Model: JZM500

                          Discharge volume: 500L

                          Charging volume: 800L

                          Capacity: 25~30 m3/h

                          Aggregate sizes: ≤70mm

                          Rotating speed: 13 r/min

                          Mixing motor: 7.5kw

                          Lifting motor: 5.5kw

                          Pump motor: 0.75kw

                          Weight: 3000kg

                          Dimensions (L x W x H): 5200x2065x3200 mm

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