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                          YHZS40 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

                          Capacity:40 m3/h

                          Mixing Time:60 S

                          Max Aggregate Size:60/80 mm

                          Discharging Height:3800 mm

                          Total Power?:75KW

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                          YHZS 40 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
                          Descriptions of YHZS 40 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

                          The modular design without foundation and commissioning enables the mobile concrete mixing plant convenient movement and quick installation. It only takes three days from installation to use. All necessary facilities such as: control room, laboratory and maintenance room are equipped. Cost effective. It is an ideal choice for engineering. 

                          General Information of YHZS 40 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
                          Capacity: 40 m3/h
                          Mixing Time: 60 S
                          Max Aggregate Size: 60/80 mm
                          Discharging Height: 3800 mm
                          Total Power: 75 kw
                          Total Weight: 17 Ton              
                          Total Dimensions: 15000×4150×7800 mm 
                          Transportation: Truck Trailer
                          Features of YHZS40 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

                          1. "double composite spiral band" host using iron-chromium alloy wear-resistant materials, its shape and surface are with high shock resistance mechanical strength, good wear-resisting property, its center is with good toughness! Proper working life is 50,000 pots, a substantial increase in product life!
                          2. The whole plant uses automatic control systems, Siemens PLC, Schneider Electric components, computers and printing integration, simple operation, easy to debug.
                          3. Pneumatic system is with Taiwan Fusheng well-known air compressor, providing sufficient air supply for the entire concrete mixing plant.
                          4. Weighing system adopts international famous brands, weighing accuracy and sensitivity to ensure the quality of concrete.
                          5. Using section structure, unit modulation, fast installation and debugging and moving is very convenient.
                          Technical Parameters of YHZS 40 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant: 
                          1. MIXING SYSTEM

                          Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer: JS750 
                          Volume:1250 L 
                          Capacity:750 L
                          Paddle quantity:16 pieces 
                          Paddle Speed: 30.5 r/min
                          Mixing Motor: 37 kw
                          2. AGGREGATE SYSTEM                     
                          2.1Aggregate Batcher: PLD1200

                          Volume: 4×5m3=32
                          Sort of aggregate: 4
                          Capacity: 60 m3/h
                          Power: 7.5 kw
                          Sand vibrator: 0.37kw×2
                          2.2. Aggregate Belt Conveyor   1 unit
                          Width: 800 mm   
                          Length: 18456mm 
                          Speed: 1.6 m/s 
                          Motor: 7.5 kw 
                          3. CEMENT SYSTEM 
                          3.1 Cement Silo   2 units

                          Capacity: 50 Ton×2=100 Ton 
                          Silo Diameter: Φ2800
                          3.2 Cement Screw Feeder     2 units
                          Diameter: Φ219 mm
                          Length: 9 m
                          4. ADDITIVE SYSTEM 
                          Additive silo capacity: 1 m3
                          Pneumatic valve: Φ50 mm
                          Pump: 3kw
                          5. WATER SYSTEM  
                          Submersible pump: 3kw
                          Water pump: 0.75kw
                          Water tank: 3 m3
                          6. AIR SYSTEM             
                          Air Compressor: 1 unit
                          Power: 7.5kw
                          Pressure: 0.7Mpa             
                          Air flew: 0.8 m3/min
                          7. WEIGHING SYSTEM
                          7.1 Aggregate weighing     1 unit

                          Weighing Capacity: 1.6 m3
                          Precision: ±2%
                          7.2 Cement weighing   1 unit
                          Weighing Capacity: 1m3 
                          Precision: ±1%
                          7.3 Water Weighing    1 unit
                          Weighing Capacity: 150 kg
                          Precision: ±1%
                          7.4 Additive Weighing    1 unit
                          Weighing Capacity: 40 kg                    
                          Precision:  ±1%
                          8. CONTROL SYSTEM: 
                          PLC command and control operation 
                          Main electrical components: Schneider 
                          17’’ colorful computer
                          Manuel and Auto Control is freely changeable 

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