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                          LB 2000 Asphalt Plants

                          Type:LB 2000

                          Production:160 t/h

                          Hot Agg Bin:50 m3

                          Capacity:2000 kg

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                          Features of LB 2000 Asphalt Plants:

                          Stable and reliable performance: the adoption of the European standard, carefully designed by Chinese and foreign experts, electromechanical supporting domestic and international well-known brands to create high reliability and stability assured products.
                           Modular design: modular and quick installation system technology to become faster and more convenient to transport and install.
                           To provide users with technical support for life: the upgrade program to address user needs, such as hot asphalt recycling, modified asphalt, SMA system and recycling of dust processing device support.


                          1). The feeding belt is designed with baffles, which makes material feeding system steady and smooth.
                          2). The optimized flights structure of drying drum makes the drying system more effective and stable
                          3). The hot elevator adopts the double Gall's chain for hoisting, which not only prolongs the service life of the hoisting machine but also improves the running stability
                          4). The linear-mode screen driven by imported vibrator improves the screening efficiency and reduces the failure rate of plant
                          5). Large capacity hot aggregate bin makes operation more convenient
                          6). Our unique designed paddles and the powerful mixer allow the mixing operation easier, effective and reliable
                          7). Dual-stage dust removal system and negative pressure dust proof design make our asphalt mixing plant ecofriendly and economical
                          8). The computer-controlled system, auto/manual switchable, and auto self-diagnosis program makes the operation easy and safe
                          9). Overall modular design makes the transportation and installation more convenient and fast
                          10). The RAP interface is reserved for upgrade hot RAP facilities.

                          LB Series(without finished storage silo)



                          Hot Agg Bin


                          Finished Storage Bin

                          Weighing Accuracy


                          48 t/h

                          7 m3

                          600 kg














                          Filler   :±0.5%

                          Bitumen  :±0.25%





                          64 t/h

                          7 m3

                          800 kg


                          80 t/h

                          10 m3

                          1000 kg


                          96 t/h

                          10 m3

                          1200 kg


                          120 t/h

                          30 m3

                          1500 kg


                          160 t/h

                          50 m3

                          2000 kg


                          200 t/h

                          50 m3

                          2500 kg


                          240 t/h

                          50 m3

                          3000 kg


                          320 t/h

                          50 m3

                          4000 kg

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